• Oil prepared from seabuckthorn affects especially the mucosa that protects our body and affects our skin's well-being.

  • Seabuckthorn contains nourishing oil in its seeds and pulp.


What kind of problems does sea buckthorn oil solve?

Sea buckthorn is a true super food when it comes to health. Studies have shown that the most valuable ingredient of sea buckthorn – sea buckthorn oil – strengthens the mucosa, skin, circulation and general physical condition. The studies and trials mentioned below have been conducted with Aromtech’s CO2 extracted sea buckthorn oil called SBA24® /Omega7®.

  1. Sea buckthorn oil and mucous membranes
  2. Sea buckthorn oil and eye health
  3. Sea buckthorn oil and mouth health
  4. Sea  buckthorn oil and skin health
  5. Sea buckthorn oil and menopause
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